My mother had a stroke last year and was struggling with her balance. We started physical therapy and were then referred to Georgia Orthopedic Resources. We were treated with personal respect and professional care. The device we received improved mother’s balance and improved her independence. I would recommend these great people to anyone who asked.

Mary Stephenson – Tifton, GA

Our child was born with Cerebral Palsy in 2002. The doctor recommended foot and ankle braces to help him reach his therapy goals. We were initially referred to another office for his bracing needs, but neither the therapist nor I was satisfied. We found Georgia Orthopedic Resources by talking to another couple who had a child with disabilities. We received great personal service and our child loved Mr. Jeff. We have been seeing Mr. Jeff for the past two years and it has been great!

Robert Kilpatrick – Savannah, GA

Georgia Orthopedic Resources always provides excellent care to our patients. Jeff and his staff are both professional and personal when it comes to working with our patients. These people really care about trying to provide optimal care.

Valdosta Pediatric Therapies – Valdosta, GA

Hi Jake,

I just want to tell you that I absolutely love my new “turbo” AFOs!! Wow, the difference is night and day, and I am so thrilled. When my husband and daughter first saw me walk, he said, “Wow! that’s the best you’ve walked in 23 years!” ( how long he’s known me). When I finished walking down the hallway, my daughter said, “Mom! Do it again!” I don’t know if it’s the braces themselves or the spongey inserts or both, but I really do have that lift off feeling. My gait is much more even and smooth and the support is great. My confidence is back, and I feel like I’m getting my life back. They are truly 100% better than the Ossurs or traditional AFOs were for me.

Thank you for committing to help me with my special needs. I appreciate your willingness to watch the videos, talk to Kevin and to go out on a limb for me and make this different style of brace. I also appreciate your spending so much time making sure the fit was right. It took us 3 hours that night, but I am so grateful, and with every step I take, I am amazed at the difference (and they didn’t cost me $12,000 J). I emailed Kevin and told him how thrilled I was and to thank him as well. He wanted to know if he could post my message on his website as a testimonial, and I said that I would be proud if he did so. I’m so glad he posted that video and gave me the idea to pursue this. I really can’t believe how great they are!

I might need to come in for a minor adjustment at some point, but I’m going to give it a little more time.

Take care and thank you again,

Cindy Everett – Marietta, GA

Jake, I simply wanted to thank you for your work with our granddaughter, and wanted to let you know that you impressed me with your professionalism, your obvious knowledge, skill, and care for her. My wife and I both thought your work with her was the best we have witnessed in the home care she has received when we could observe.

Thank you, Curtis